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Why Does The Stewardess Have A Silk Scarf On Her Neck?

Oct 19, 2017

The plane of the internal space is very narrow, people in such an environment, it is easy to feel depressed, and most of the uniform color is deep, with a colorful ribbons, can let visitors visual and pure and fresh, pleasant mood.


We all know that the silk scarf is made of another piece of cloth, so the scarf can also act as a bandage to bandage the injured when there is an emergency.


The little sisters who wear early autumn wipes are ready to wear whatever kind of clothes are available, and are more attractive.


The square towel is liked by more and more fashionable women, the style also diversifies, compare the foreign gas, how to match is good-looking.


Cloth tower silk scarf, this kind of silk scarf chooses high quality mulberry silk, comfortable skin, light breathes, flower color also is very real.


Give a person the feeling of a bright, the gradual change of temperamental elegance design aesthetic feeling is full, delicate hand pack side and tassel design, a kind of small square towel that has national style very much, show a big style.


The purple of youth beautiful beautiful looks very vivid, the hand is silky, tie-in pure white coat, can make a very good ornament effect, a bit is not drab.


A very practical scarf, the oversized scarf can not only summer sun protection, spring and autumn clothing, winter is warm, it is practical and fashionable.


Spring and autumn scarf

Pink background color, not flashy vulgar, send out a fashionable Oriental feminine elegant breath, look confident and beautiful!


Mulberry silk scarves winter

This multi-purpose silk scarves, flower and pure color stitching mutual echo, make visual contrast, in the hair will there is a feeling of restoring ancient ways of society, even if wearing a black and white ash is more advanced.


Little scarves in spring and autumn

The softness of chiffon makes you more tender and beautiful. There is no luxury, but high end. Classic collision color, personality.


New light ornament qiu dong new small triangle towelStripe antique small square towel, modelling changeful, fashionable 100 match, any one department can ascend the temperament. The stripes have always been a very classic pattern, and the retro feel is very atmospheric.


Silk small square scarf men and women style

Seem to be very polite, general flight attendant clothes are no collar, if not a silk scarf, neck is bare, give a person a kind of feeling of suddenness, so choose a silk scarf can not only highlight the female's charm, also can appear more polite.


Silk small square scarf men and women style

Silk baitie stripe professional white scarf, the small square of the eyeball action is to the stripe control, very beautiful, also 100 take a hair band, tie, bind bag is OK.


Silk small square towel scarf men and women's summer work mulberry silk scarves

Light and unaffordable feel comfortable, clear and sweet match color makes floret design more gentle! Add a fashion to the fall mix