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The Usages Of Bandana

Jun 22, 2017

Bandanas have become an indispensable trend in the fashion of an item, the most classic there are 8 kinds of usage.
1. collar, set in the neck, you're done. Looks cool, snow is not coming in. Beauty is not frozen.

2. Mask, with a scarf from head to face all wrapped up only exposed eyes, breathable and sandstorm, desert, windy days or snow are very effective.

3. Headband, the scarf folded into a double, set in the head, the hair can be pulled out. The width of the headband can be adjusted.

4. head rope, with a scarf to put a circle around the hair up, as long as the ponytail will be the bar.

5. Balm scarves, you can also like the Islamic women like the hair wrapped up, feeling mysterious.

6. The most original approach to the headscarf, can be set on the head. Behind the part of the hanging can also make a knot.

7. pirate hat, fold, pull out, it seems that some complicated operation, you will be as handsome as the pirates of the Caribbean.

8. Bracers, will be three laps around the wrist, the scarf then played a buffer and then the effect of wrist. Especially Teng no second hand when the wrist wrapped around the head scarf in the face of a rub, sweat all sucked.


In addition to the classic 8 kinds of usage, there are 10 new usage, as follows:

1. melon shell cap, the headscarf turned over, set in the ears and Qi Mei Department, will be part of the straightened, rotating a few laps, open, wrapped in the head. Double melon hood made, quite like the landlord old money it. It's warm in winter.

2. helmet lined, riding or rock climbing time, wearing a helmet and sweat feeling can be bad, the headband tied to the head to do lining, all the troubles are resolved.

3. Goggles, unless you alone in the world, or go out to travel regardless of distance is always 35 groups, two people share a standard room is the most common thing. If you are used to sleep early, but also embarrassed to ask the letter of the night owl friends turn off the lights. The scarf around the eyes, became a temporary goggles, but also come in handy.

4. Masks, in the collar on the basis of the scarf to the eyes below it can be, and the ears are wrapped, warm ah.

5. wristbands, like to play the personality of the handsome beauty attention, and this is a way to attract the eye is very praise Oh Will be on behalf of their own personality scarf wrapped around the arm, full of shape, but also does not affect the movement.

6. Bra, this will not have to say friends, good body MM can take it as a vest, flexible full pattern bright, absolutely sexy "", of course, funny boys who wear, will "laugh fruit" full.

7. waist, suddenly lead to cold caused by the old waist pain, with a scarf set in the waist warm is also a good emergency measures, but also according to the degree of warmth to the inside of the plug socks, such as paper towels like filler. This method is equally applicable to joints that are prone to cold.

8. short skirt, this method is a contingency approach, who are not good figure. But some people with two scarves were set up and down with swimsuit, it seems that the effect can also Oh

9. Gloves, used to walk in the mud or dense mountain, often need hands and feet and climb. Palms old dirty or intimate contact with the insects are not too good taste. The wrist on the wrist to pull down around the palm of your hand, the perfect package after the dry and comfortable feeling very good blanket.

10. bag, plastic bags are not enough time to put a headset to make a knot, a good cloth pocket out, and the pocket stretch freely, you can go inside stuffy Oh. To the inside stuffed clothes, the other end knot, but also a very good pillow.