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The Cleaning And Maintenance Of The Hat

Jun 13, 2017

The hat should be taken care of and safekeeping. When the hat is taken off, don't be arbitrarily put, should hang on the coat and hat rack, or the coat hook, don't press heavy weight on the top, in order to avoid the deformation of the shape. Wear a hat for a long time, the inside of the hat will be stained with oil scale, filth, want to wash away in time. The hat-lining can be removed and cleaned, and then again, lest the sweat on the cap will be mouldy and affect the life of the hat. The grey on the cap is often brushed. Adhere to the dirt and dirt of the cap, apply the soft brush to the hot soapy water gently scrub, and then rinse with clean water. When washing a hat, look for a round pot or porcelain pot that is the size of a hat, and put the hat on top to avoid the pattern.

Hat collection: want to brush away dirt, wash away dirt, bask in the sun for a while, and then with a paper bag, and put in hat-box, stored in ventilated and dry place, at the same time in the storage box placed desiccant, in case of moisture.

Hat cleaning is more special, have not immersed (such as feathers, sequins, or have a backing paper hat, etc.), if the cap made of cotton can wash, paper pad, this hat is to wash, can wipe can't because he was a three-dimensional shape, so the most taboo in the washing machine.

The proper washing method for hats is:

1,The cap should be taken off as an ornament.

2, wash a hat should first use clear water and neuter cleaner to be soaked.

3,Gently scrub with a soft brush.

4, inner ring sweat band part > of < contact with the head coil scrubbing a few times more, to thoroughly wash the sweat scale and bacteria, of course, if you choose is antibacterial deodorizes material? That step should be avoided.

5,Turn the hat into four cloves, gently shake off the moisture and not use the washing machine to dehydrate.

6,Open the hat and put the old towel on it, let it dry and dry.


The proper washing method for special hats is:

1,A leather hat can be cleaned with onion slices, or it can be dipped in the oil, and it can be cleaned well.

2, the stain on the felt hat can be cleaned with a mixture of ammonia and an equal amount of alcohol. Dip the mixture into a piece of silk and then scrub it. You can't make your hat too wet, or you'll easily get out of shape.

3,After the hosiery hat is washed, it is best to fill the hat with crumpled paper and cloth, then cool dry again.

4, wool hat, not washed, because wool shrink. Hat if you stick to a dirt or pet hair cut, etc., can use wide adhesive tape, reflex set in the fingers up to touch, can remove surface dirt. Wool hat does not need cleaning every time, but easy to shorten life, if must be clean, dry cleaning is the most appropriate way.