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Scarf With It Should Be How To Store

Jan 13, 2017

     Such as wearing local hook after yarn breakage, stitches, individual lines should immediately stop wearing, patched to avoid needle needle ring gaps get bigger. All wool and a high percentage of wool products cannot use the washing machine and drum dryers for drying after washing the wool felting, needle ring narrow, stiff, serious deformation Cashmere scarf worn after or before the store, be sure to wash. There are fewer conditions of moth activity. Always cover open closet or suitcase, made the ventilation to keep the scarf dry. Friction and surface roughness of objects should be avoided. Friction parts with more opportunities, such as sleeve with the desktop, the arm of the sofa, bag inserted in my wallet, and avoid long backpack, avoid long time no clip lining rough coat, should try to reduce such exposure. Wool is mainly composed of protein and also contains a small amount of fat, is the most favorite food moths. Flavomycin season, easily absorbs moisture intrusion and mold mildew.