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Scarf Matching Lines

Jan 13, 2017

      Scarves brought many memories in the fall, knitted warm brand of love, of course, there is a fall in the streets, waving beautiful silk. Logo of scarf is extraordinarily elegant temperament, or scarves or long scarf you can take care of extremely delicate. Winding and tenderness close to neck, so charming. In the fall, we can embrace the scarf. Not cold autumn, blowing wind, to wrap scarf symbolic resistance to posturing. Some people say that people who like scarves are a bit narcissistic, it is because of wearing scarves face appears clearer, you can better adjust the perfect face, or set off the makeup, so I have to love the beauty of their people to wear a scarf. Even if there is a chill in the fall, also put on a sleeveless, collarless shirt, scarf and match clear dress, this is one hot outfit in fashion this fall. Just put on dazzling colors, soft and warm scarf not only keeps the cooler, more scarves of different styles can be written expression. Or to be cool, or gently Keren, the magic scarf is so amazing. Scarf tie: fold scarf hanging from the front to the neck of the appropriate width, both ends of the scarf in the back of the neck Cross and then went around to his chest. This allows the style common scarf shape, the overall match gives a fresh feeling. This scarf neck slightly fluffy, so that when we mix coat, collar up, tie the scarf to the outside so that it doesn't look bloated. Scarves make the cold winter chill. A long scarf around your neck can not only show static and elegant, also reflects the dynamic flowing gently, around the long scarf for women to express all kinds of style.