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Function For Reusable Washable Cotton Cloth Face Mask

Jan 05, 2021

Reusable washable knitted cotton cloth face mask:

  1. Masks can not only isolate bacteria, dust and smog in the air in time, but also better protect the respiratory tract and facial skin. 

   2. The spring wind is especially dry, which can blow up a layer of skin on the face. Wearing a mask can protect the facial skin. Girls who love beauty can wear a larger mask to protect their necks and make them younger.

   3. The weather in autumn is very cold and very dry. People with oral diseases can wear masks to better protect the respiratory tract. People with rhinitis should wear masks as little as possible.

   4. The winter weather is bitterly cold, and most people catch colds, and there are many haze weather. Wearing a mask can isolate the bacteria in the air in time and better protect the immune system. It is best to wear a PM2.5 mask.