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New Double-Faced Microfiber And Muslin Cloths For Facial Cleansing

Jul 25, 2017

We know that cleaning is the first step in skin care and there is a handy tool that is very important.

This clean cloth has two sides, the front is microfiber fibers, the opposite is plain gauze, ultra-fine fibers can be better to eliminate makeup, but plain gauze can go horny and dust.But also with a hanging loop, clean the face, and then clean can be hung up, hanging in a ventilated place can not mold, no smell, easy to continue to use the next time.

Cleansing oil and remover water will be accidentally get into the eyes, but this clean cloth is very soft, there will be no allergies and other adverse reactions, it will not damage the skin surface.

I hope this clean cloth to bring you smooth and translucent skin.