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How To Choose The Most Suitable Hat To Baby?

Jul 17, 2017

A hat can give the baby to protect the small head in order to avoid accidental damage, but also can block the UV. So how about choosing a suitable hat for your baby?

The shape of the hat


Choose what size of  the hat, what kind of shape, according to the size of the baby's head circumference, what kind of season to choose what kind of hat. The hat should be a little bit of timely, too tight hat will affect the baby's small head development. Winter baby is suitable for buying a hat with mutual help ears, and lovely and cold. And summer to choose the big eaves, it is best to cover the whole face to drink his neck, to block some of the UV.

The color of the hat


Why should pay attention to the choice of color pick it, because the color of the role of absorption of light, the color of the deep absorption of light is relatively strong, so the winter to buy the color is relatively warm and warm. While the summer selection of light more cool. There is a saying, winter does not wear white, summer is not wearing black, is the truth

If the baby is to school, then give the baby to choose bright colors of the hat, so baby walking on the road easily seen by the driver, you can avoid unnecessary trouble.

The material of the hat


Summer try to choose straw hat, cloth cap, sun hat. Winter suitable for leather hats, plush caps, this hat against the cold. Spring and Autumn can choose wool hat.

Baby is allergic to the skin, do not recommend to buy the cortex of the hat, chemical fiber also try not to buy, the hat to regular cleaning, not a wear is a quarter.

The time and age of wearing a hat


In general, the newborns need to wear a hat to go out, allowing the baby to better adapt to changes in temperature. Children and children can choose hats according to seasonal changes and children's personal characteristics.

Although the year round can be with a hat, but I still do not recommend wearing a hat for a long time, after all, the baby is the sun is also good, can promote the absorption of calcium to prevent rickets.

Hot summer and cold winter, give your baby a hat.