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Guide To Infant Baptism

Jan 13, 2017

(A) for infant baptism, and should be made by parents and other relatives, this means that parents know their children's baptism should bear the primary responsibility.
(B) in selecting parents, parents should consider their God's maturity and their relationship to the baby.
(C) unless there is sufficient reason, or as a general rule, belong within the parish of baptism of infants should be parents (see code 857 b).
(D) parents and parents should, where possible, participate in the parish organize teaching courses for them, in order to fully understand the significance of infant baptism, and their own responsibilities.
(E) in this diocese, and infant baptism is usually held after the baby's birth certificate, so as to avoid error incompatible names, dates, etc.
(F) given that infant baptism is to meet a person access to the sacraments of the Church, but also a joyous celebration of the Christian community, baptism ritual usually should be disclosed, allows group members to participate in, and as far as possible on Sunday, the Church held in commemoration of the day of resurrection, sometimes, infant baptism even during Sunday mass was held, but not be so frequently.
Note: whenever the babies dying in a church group or baptism, Baptist shall notify the area Director of the parish priest.