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2017 Hat Trend Introduction

Jun 15, 2017

We can find a lot of fashionistas in the winter street. Hats are a must-have item for them. So what kind of hats will be popular in 2017? Here's a look at the 2017 hat trend and new photos, and hopefully help!

Knit cap


A knit cap in the winter, and the age is warm. Not only is it warm enough to make a face look small, but is there anything better than that?

Baseball cap

Baseball cap.jpg

Style orientation: sweet, nifty, youth!

Perfect for the student party! The price ratio is high and the design is much, a sweet smile can show the vigor of the whole youth!

What to watch in a baseball cap is bangs, not the best! , if any, must be cut shorter, then with a curling iron roll up before going out, so hat wouldn't crush your air bang or unilateral plait, some lovely sister can also try the double twist