Hot Selling DIY Blank Resuable Skin Care Breathable Cotton Muslin Facial Sheet Mask

White Reusable Cotton Muslin Facial Mask Sheet for Ladies .

Product Details

White Reusable Cotton Muslin Facial Mask Sheet for Ladies .As we know mask is good for skin .There are many brands on the market, and also a lot of functions such as lighting ,whitening ,pore cleaner and so on. Simply soaking this gauze in a face mask formula is all you need to adhere it to the face for the duration of your treatment.
Other things to consider adding to your formula are:
1. essential oils (very sparingly)
2. clay powder
3. honey
4. other healing oils, such as rose hip seed oil, evening primrose oil, chia oil, or flax seed oil turmeric
5. fresh herbs, such as thyme or basil (perhaps run through a blender first)
6. other flower waters, such as lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, or lilac
If you have a lot of product but not a lot of desire to DIY, you can also soak a sheet of gauze in your favorite facial product. Doing this with SK-II or LAMER treatment essences would get you a nice span of time for which the active ingredients can penetrate deeper without being wiped off or diluted. A gel mask, favorite night cream, or even gentle toner could be used in place of your own mixture. This would stay true to the basic principle of the sheet mask, which is to keep the active ingredients moist and in contact with the skin for a good amount of time.
The cotton fabric is skin-friendly and breathable .It is convenient and environmental that the mask is reusable, just wash it after use.
How to use?
1. Clean face with cleanser and wash foam, apply beauty essence.
2. Take out a piece of dry sheet cut holes on eyes nose and mouth position.
3. Prepare a cleaning bowl, put lotions in it.
4. Soaking the pre-cut mask sheet for a moment.
5. Take out and paste on the face for 15-20 minutes.