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What material of scarf is good?

Feb 01, 2018

Scarves are the darling of the spring and autumn and winter, and scarves of many materials, hair, cotton, silk, silk, acrylic, polyester, blended, fur, artificial wool, artificial cotton, animal tail and other materials. So what material is good scarf? In fact, the material of the scarf is all-enveloping, in the choice of many materials suitable for their own material is the most important. Take a look at the four most common material scarves: knitted scarves, silk scarves, cotton scarves, fur scarves, their merits and skills.



Knitted scarves

Knitted scarf gives a very delicate feeling, reminiscent of a romantic Korean drama. With, because scarves unique texture, it is more suitable with some tweed and other non-eye-catching clothes. Whole body dress are surrounded by delicate knit wind, gives a very comfortable warm feeling.

Silk Scarves

Silk is an everlasting popular material, this material will highlight the skin's glossiness, easy to bring out the elegant intellectual taste, so choose silk texture scarf, to consider their own skin color, the skin yellowish girl, or Girls with dry skin should not choose such a texture-based material.

Cotton scarves

The texture of cotton scarf revealed a strong affinity, and the texture of the skin is more friendly and close around the skin is very comfortable, then with the more wild aspects of the type, because the material reveals the simple and unpretentious, well with clothing. This is what material scarf acclaimed selection of personal wild material scarf.

Fur scarves

Fur scarves are usually fixed with a cortical jacket, different girls around the fur scarf will have a different flavor, take the affinity line beauty recommended color simple color, outstanding cute fresh, more want to highlight the personal style of the girls have to choose natural The fur, uneven color is the preferred choice.