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Towels history

Jan 13, 2017

    Towels, textile spinning industry of the industry as a child in China has been developing for many years, towels and bedding, such as completely different, towels as a marketable products, consumers are usually not high degree of attention to it, which belongs to the low-value consumables. Due to people's lifestyle and quality of life has not significantly improved economic revenues, so quite a few consumers buy towels product, in recognition of quality, price, purchase frequency, there is a big difference.
The first towel was born in 1850 in the world, the origin of United Kingdom, has a history of more than 150 years ago.
In 1912, the first towel factory in China – Shanghai sanyou industrial towel factories gave birth, it was by a famous patriotic businessman, Shen 90% and two of his fellow countryman Chen Wanyun, build overpasses and three people "three friends of cooperation", and take "industry saving the nation" means "three friends of industrial society" in the name. When Shen Jiucheng sees China's towel market has long been the Japanese goods "anchor" exclusive, it sprouted homemade Chinese towels, compete with, to retake the country's the towel market ideas.
Mr Shen Jiucheng and factory technicians assiduously, finally to produce soft, durable wear-resistant quality towels. Fetch towels in brand name, with a "Delta" symbol three joys and sorrows, together.