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superfine fiber microfiber

Oct 22, 2018

The microfiber greatly reduces the stiffness of the silk and makes the fabric feel extremely soft. The fiber fineness can also increase the layer structure of the silk, increase the specific surface area and the capillary effect, make the internal reflected light of the fiber distribution on the surface more exquisite, make it have the elegant luster like silk, and have good hygroscopic and dispersive properties.With the superfine fiber clothing, comfortable, beautiful, warm, breathable, good drapability and fullness, the hydrophobic and antifouling sex has obviously improved, large specific surface area and soft can be used to design different organizational structure to make it more absorbing sunlight or faster heat loss temperature is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Microfibers can be used for a wide range of purposes. After advanced finishing such as sand washing and milling, the surface of the fabrics is formed to look like peaches, soft and smooth.High quality synthetic suede made from ultrafine fiber abroad has the appearance, feel and style of leather and low price.As ultrafine fiber is thin and soft, it can be used as a cleaning cloth with excellent decontamination effect. It can wipe various glasses, film equipment and precision instruments without damage to the mirror.Ultrafine fiber can also be made into ultra-high density fabric with extremely smooth surface. It can be used to make sports clothing such as skiing, skating and swimming, which can reduce resistance and is beneficial to athletes' creation of good performance.In addition, ultrafine fiber can also be used for filtration, medical and health care, labor protection and other fields.

Microfibers can absorb dust, particles, and liquids that weigh seven times as much.Each filament is only 1/200 of the hair.This is why ultra-fine fibers have super cleaning power.The space between the filaments can absorb dust, oil, dirt, until washed with water or soap, detergent.

These voids also absorb a lot of water, so the ultrafine fibers are very absorbent.And because it's just stored in the voids, it dries out very quickly, so it's effective in preventing bacterial growth.

Common fabrics: just accumulate and push dirt.There will be residues left on the cleaned surface.Because there is no space for dirt, the surface of the cloth will be dirty and difficult to clean.

Ultrafine fabric: numerous tiny spades can scoop up and store dirt until it is washed away.The end result is a clean, smooth surface.Wet use allows dirt and oil stains to be emulsified and ultra-fine fibers to be scoured more easily.Highly absorbent, making it very quick to clean the spilled liquid.