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Summer hats

Jan 13, 2017

1. fold the square scarf folded into one-second, and then fixed it in the Chin.
2. left the hood pull to the right and then fasten it.
3. until the head scarf pulled over to the left to the right of the back.
4. then fasten it 1. scarf longer than the right side to the left.
5. it would be fixed in JAWS, and fasten with a PIN.
6. the hood on the left side to the right.
7. end of the scarf will be fixed in the Chin and then properly.
8. determine the neat scarf pattern.
9. big and long scarf.
10. the scarf to the rear on the left, then pull the rest of the Chin buckle.
11. Hood up and make sure the chest cover. There are more beautiful!