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Small accessories, big fashion

Sep 13, 2017

The day cool gradually fall into autumn, each little fairy have begun to update her wardrobe?

Insulation fashion denim skirt is always preferred, build a standard white shirt, um, fairly toward, but if at this point to a bright colored bandana a little decoration, the whole looks like colorful

, it is already autumn, let a person shine at the moment of  your vivacious type.


Autumn, all kinds of shirts are all the fairy's first choice, black and white is always a wardrobe essential, black shirt and jeans, well, a cool fairy was born, and the average person is tie-in a popular this year short necklace, then you can drown in the crowd, at this time you come to a red bandana  when necklace try, boundless and indistinct, flash blind you saw at the first glance.