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organic cotton baby muslin cloth

Oct 15, 2018

In organic cotton production, natural cultivation management of organic fertilizer for biological control diseases and pests is given priority. Chemical products are not allowed. According to the standards for the safety and quality of agricultural products issued by countries or the WTO/FAO, the contents of toxic and harmful substances such as pesticide heavy metal nitrate (including microorganisms, parasitic worm eggs, etc.) in cotton are controlled within the limits prescribed by the standards and certified commercial cotton. The production of organic cotton requires not only the necessary conditions such as light, heat, water and soil for the cultivation of cotton, but also specific requirements for the cleanliness degree of cultivated land soil environment, irrigation water quality and air environment.

Characteristics of organic cotton fabric:

Because organic cotton is nontoxic, harmless, and each chemical composition proportion is controlled in strict safety quality standard. Therefore, the organic cotton fabric is especially suitable for the underwear fabric, especially for children's underwear clothing is the first choice fabric. The chemical property of organic cotton is pollution-free and harmless, and the material property of the garment is breathable, absorbent, quick dry, non-sticky, non-greasy, warm, non-static, non-stimulating and effective in preventing skin allergic diseases. It has a feeling of warmth, smoothness and softness, which makes the baby feel close to nature and comfortable. This kind of contact with nature with zero distance can release pressure and nourish spiritual energy.