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muslin gauze hooded towel

Dec 14, 2018

[product name] all-cotton gauze four-layer hooded comforter

[product specifications] 70*70cm

[product color] blue edge/pink edge

[product material] pure cotton gauze

Age appropriate for newborns

[product packaging] 1 piece of independent packaging

The surface of this product is made of printed double-layer pure cotton gauze, no fluorescence, soft and comfortable, quietly elegant patterns do not lose lovely, very with newborn baby delicate skin oh... White single layer gauze makes lining, add the same color that matches with product design to wrap an edge again. It can be used as a wrap or as a quilt. Perfect for summer, spring and fall. Summer other similar products recommended: gauze sleeping bag,The characteristic of gauze is washed more soft namely, wash more closely more, this can do darling to hold by summer already, also can serve as bath towel the bath towel of 4 seasons.This style is made of gauze, which is easy to be damaged by machine washing. It is recommended to wash by hand.