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muslin cotton cloth

Dec 05, 2018

1. 108*84 printed double-layer gauze, which is made of natural xinjiang cotton and woven with 40 yarns of warp and weft. After weaving the gauze, wash the impurities in the gauze, and then print and dye the flower pattern on the gauze with environmental protection coating. After printing and dyeing, the gauze is produced through the process of finalizing the design and washing. This density of gauze is very suitable for baby clothing, saliva towel, square towel, sweat towel, etc., gauze width 155cm, convenient cutting

2.110*94 printed double-layer gauzeThe density of this kind of gauze is a little denser than that of the 10884 gauze, but the yarn is relatively thin. Because the density of gauze is relatively sparse, and the cloth with higher density is more stable, the gauze can only be printed and dyed with some small patterns, which is difficult to draw and open the thread. This gauze can be used for baby sleeping bags, cotton-padded clothes, children's sweats, scarves and so on.

3. large square gauze, this gauze of 72*61 density woven from 30 yarns,方The square is about the size of a dollar coin,This kind of gauze yarn is thicker and less dense, The technology of large square makes gauze firm sex is goodGauze can be used to make baby bath towel, wrap towel, air conditioning quilt, blanket, sunshade blanket and so on.Gauze absorbent and air permeability is very good, very popular with everyone.