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muslin cotton cleaning face

Nov 27, 2018

Correct washing face----muslin cotton washing 

whether acne reduction or not, can be transferred to this method, which belongs to intermediate facial surgery:

1. Prepare a towel, soap and gauze;

2, first fold the gauze into a small piece, dipped in soap foam, wash forehead, chin, nose and other places;

3, then the gauze wrapped in the index finger and middle finger on two fingers, dipped in soap foam, gently wash with gauze cheek center and the whole face;

4. Wrap the gauze around your forefinger and dip it into the soap foam to gently scrub the delicate skin under your eyelids. If you feel any irritation or pain, stop. If you still feel pain the next day, it is because of scrub too hard. At this point to implement at least 4 days of "emergency wash your face method" (see below), such as no pain after 3 minutes of cleansing method to wash your face.

5. Intermediate washing method: wash your face every two days in the first week, every other day in the second week and every day in the third week.