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muslin bamboo cotton swaddle

Feb 22, 2019

Product name: muslin baby wrap

Fabric: bamboo-cotton gauze 70% bamboo +30% cotton (2 layers of gauze)

Size: 110cm*120cm(white gift box)

110cm*120cm (cowhide loin seal and packaging)

(there is a 5cm error due to technical reasons, please stretch the fold for measurement)

Packing: white paper gift box packing and cowhide waist seal packing

The muslin baby wrap is in use and has been photographed numerous times.

Muslin cotton fabric is fluffy. A snuggle blanket to help your child fall asleep!

Some customers mentioned that there was some hair loss after washing the bag towel. Here is an explanation.

The product is organic cotton, the fiber is relatively long, so there must be whiskers in the process of raw material processing.

This shows that the product is reliable and has not been chemically treated, which is also the form of organic cotton itself!

Because it is the fabric of gauze,