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Laying of tablecloths

Jan 13, 2017

1, banquet tablecloth by the collaborating duo, due to a long dining table, single-ply easier to crease or dirty tablecloths, and inconvenience to the operation. If the tablecloth is a person, paying particular attention to joints between two pieces of cloth.
2, is a piece of cloth, was standing in the middle of a long position, cloth open, face up, with your thumb and forefinger grasp the cloth close to the side of the body, the other three rest refers to quickly grasp the cloth, throws across the force. Cloth facing up, center line, hanging part should be even, beautiful and neat. If there are two pieces of cloth, one laying on both ends, then at end tables using the above method before laying a cloth, and then lay another piece of cloth in the outer ends of the dining table. Two people laying, two people stand table laying on both sides of the 1/2 (two pieces of cloth in 1/4). Cloth facing up, center line, hanging part should be uniform, joints, smooth, beautiful and neat.
3, long dining tables tend to use more cloth tailor-shop together. When laying, laying out of the restaurant, so that each piece of cloth seams, stepped into the restaurant the guests see the principle of joint called tablecloth line is connected, in a straight line; the horizontal seam with the table perpendicular to the long side of the table cloth, table cloth hanging part four sides equal, along contact to chair under the table cloth is advisable. Generally consists of two or more persons work together. Western table cloth laying methods generally use shake and shake-style method, especially after the second cloth laid in particular. Others asked to participate in the banquet table cloth laying.