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How to tie the bandana is the most fashionable?

Jan 26, 2018

First: bow side pony tail.

The middle part side horsetail specially makes up a fluffy and lazy pattern, a blue bowknot adorns the hair room, show elegance and pure feeling. Curly liu hai is charming and charming.


Step1: leave the hair of the ear before, put the bowknot scarf not inside the hair inside.


Step2: pull all the hair to the right side again, braid into a fluffy three plait, pull up the bun loose some more beautiful.


Step3: use the curling iron to perm liu hai again, add clever and charming degree, this hair is done.

Section 2: the headscarf MIX is low ponytail.

The low-hanging horse follows the sex and casual, tie-in a headscarf is luxuriant feeling to ascend instantly. In the middle part of liu hai's natural face-framing, the display of a unique femininity.



Step1: take out the bandana and fold it in half according to the method shown in the figure.


Step2: tie the scarf around the ponytail with a low ponytail.


Step3: after winding a few turns, the knot can be finished, so that it has the classic smell of binding and low horsetail.

If you are short hair, short hair tied hair towering buds head this hairstyle show full of vitality and fresh feeling, with an air of bang, melting and reduction of age and show Han Fan son, coupled with towering bud head hair fleeciness feeling building design + bowknot hood ornament, makes the hair appear sweet and fashion.


1 the first step

Attach the headscarf to the top of your head, and then tie your hair to the top of your head with a rubber band.


The second step 2

Finally, with a little bit of grooming, it looks more fluffy and can be done with the hair cut.


Or create a bouffant hairstyle with a short hair cut. Although looks a bit messy but don not lose vitality feeling oh, grey striped scarf random fixed on the forehead, with brown hair and mix build a chic feeling, but also reveal a youth full of sweet.


The first step

Heat the hair on top of your hair with a warm, curly hair.


The second step

The bangs from the forehead are twisted into braids, then pinned to the back of the head with a hairpin, and the hair can be worn with a hair band.