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how to wear knit hats/beanie hats/winter hats so fashionable value soared?

Jan 17, 2018

New Year's winter is still a little cold, because of this, only the beauty of the N +1 kinds of possibilities, all the routines are changing the law to make you a little warmer, by the way a little more beautiful, such as a knitted hat, thermal capacity Undoubtedly, fashion is also a first-rate.

Wearing knit hats/beanie hats/winter hats, and even occasionally worn missing new ideas, but also successfully lit the overall shape. Too lazy to wash the hair in winter, wearing a knit hat is still a model has van.

Wearing knit hats/beanie hats/winter hats and collocation are all stress, not casually will be able to enhance the sense of fashion, everywhere are careful machine.

01 how to wear


Are you a short hair girl? Well, in fact, knit hats and short hair more equipped with a circle of hair modified face


If it is a long hair is another goddess! Leaving the ears on both sides cover the face, with a knit hats/beanie hats/winter hats even more face small. Top hat to wear, exposing a little bangs, can be awesome handsome but also increased.


Even if the cuff to wear, but also remember that the cap beam is positive, this "triangular pyramid" shape quite sought after by people!

02 how to match

Knitted hat with sunglasses, the handsome nature of the show, as long as the faceless, you can look a senior.


Black knit hats/beanie hats/winter hats set classic, wild, dirt-resistant, texture and other advantages, even if the mix and match casual sports street style also the same value online.



Anne Hathaway wearing a dark blue striped sweater, wearing a black knit hats/beanie hats/winter hats, walking a dog easily walk, casual Fan.


White  knit hats/beanie hats/winter hats not only look good, and the plain hat are relatively good ride, coupled with black and white gray  knit hats/beanie hats/winter hats will not make people feel boring. .


If your wardrobe are partial basic color, then a bright color  knit hats/beanie hats/winter hats  will make the whole even more color, sweet and not greasy, handsome and not cold.


The color of  knit hats/beanie hats/winter hats  echoed with the color of the clothing on the body, showing a more harmonious visual effect, just the right beauty.


A small orange  knit hats/beanie hats/winter hats  in the head, easily become street hegemony, this winter so warm and modern with.

03 thick stick knit

Stylish and textured Just like sweaters emphasize texture, coarse stick knit is also easy on the texture of eye-catching.


And the "rough sweater," the same reason, thick  knit hats/beanie hats/winter hats  not only bring their own selling Meng attributes, but also look more tangible hat contour.



Many supermodels and bloggers also wear thick  knit hats/beanie hats/winter hats  with hair balls, higher and warmer. And the current popular style is the bigger the better fur ball.


Learn to wear knitted hat New Year's winter, not only to warm up, but also let your trendy value soared from scratch.