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How to wear a scarf and coat

Jan 09, 2018

Very practical question! Because of the color relation between scarf and coat, decide whether scarf can have the effect of finishing point. In autumn and winter, we often wear the following kinds of coats. The first is the basic color, the second is the "look expensive" earth color, the third is the color of the relatively bright jump.

Sometimes, when you put on your favorite coat and your favorite scarf, you find that they are paired together, and the overall effect is much less! Today we'll talk about the color game between the scarf and the coat.


Coat color: black.

The most common winter wear is a classic black overcoat, paired with a colorful scarf. The little discipline here does not need to repeat, to recommend three groups of colors.


Group 1: black + gray.


Gray is not only versatile, but also comes with a sense of superiority.


Group 2: black + camel.


In addition to gray, camel is also a good choice. It's as good as grey, but it's hotter than gray. Black + camel color is very classic match color mode, use camel scarf can counteract the handsome of black coat, add a bit of understanding and wen wan to whole modelling.


Group 3: black + red.


In addition to the classic versatile low tone color, you can also choose the eye color matching. A bright-coloured red, tie-in black classic style jacket, can let you in the autumn and winter of wistiness, beauty becomes a beautiful street view.


Coat color: grey.


Grey is also a common color in autumn and winter. The red scarf can be very bright, and the green scarf is very retro.


Bump color collocation is sure to absorb the eye, but want to be more advanced, still want to choose the same color to match. Dark gray clothes and light grey scarves are layered together, looking clean and textured.


If you want to add a bit of coolness to the elegant grey, you might as well choose a black scarf. Cool girl is you!


If you think that the pure color scarf is too flat, the plaid scarf can increase the sense of jump, making the shape rich and delicate.


Coat color: white.

Although the white coat does not tolerate dirty, but because of its natural pure feeling, still is met by a lot of girls love.


Choose a light scarf with a similar color to your coat. Pure white meets the soft light camel/pale pink, beautiful to make a person drunk.


White overcoat with classic atmosphere gray plaid scarf, retro and modern.