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How to use scarf concave shape?

Jan 19, 2018

I am more of a problem in this line, because I am a bib control and hat control, the family has a lot of bibs and hats, usually for the style of tossing bibs, you can say what the fancy have been won, the winter shape can be relied on micro-nap concave from.

Here I teach you a few tactics:

1. Short scarf simple "knotted"

For shorter scarves, knotting is the most warm and safe way. Can be tied in the front, or knot around the scarf knot, of course, the knot in the side can also have a different kind of flavor.

With a careful machine: you can choose a brightly colored scarf with a dark coat, the neckline at the knot just revealed the length of the part just to increase the overall shape of the brightness.


2. Long scarf winding wear method

Most girls have a very long scarf, the simplest casual with the law, that is, take the scarf take advantage of the neck, and then fold one end of the 45-degree angle, and then take the other side of the shoulder can be, if Want to be warmer, you can wrap a few times to form a thick pile of heavy feeling.

With careful machine: This multi-winding winding sense of accumulation of vision can be concentrated in the work part, it seems leg length, stretch the body proportion.


3 classic triangle scarf wearing law

Triangle match method, the best choice square scarf, rectangular can also be stacked into a square, then diagonal fold, the triangle side placed on the chest, the remaining ends of the knot in the neck can be.

With careful machine: the classic shape of this triangular scarf is more suitable for a little more formal wear such as coats, scarves in the pattern, the grid element is also a good choice.


4. layered scarf wear Dai law

No matter what color or pattern of scarves, after several layers of accumulation, can easily create a warm effect, the natural sense of the vertical layering becomes interesting.

With a careful machine: If you choose a fringed scarf edge, then the overall shape looks more lively, accumulation level is more natural and obvious.


5. scarf is a warm hat

Scarves and can be a hat, and now this way of wearing back again, the shape of a half a hat, then the scarf around the neck can be.

With careful machine: a small face with a small method, the whole face is wrapped in wood, and it seems naughty cute, it is reduced age