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how to use handkerchief correctly

Jan 09, 2018

  Handkerchiefs have once been European as a symbol of elegance, honor and honor, people must carry a handkerchief on social occasions. At first, women wore handkerchiefs on their chests or hats, while men held their handkerchiefs in the inner wall pockets of their breasts, padded under the tops or sleeves. And refined handkerchief folded into a dovetail suit jacket pocket, a little exposed corner, it is a modern thing. Handkerchief as a love affair between men and women is the traditional Chinese and foreign traditions.

  Handkerchief has many uses in daily life. Summer can be used to wipe the sweat; cough, sneezing can be used to cover the nose and mouth, you can also spit it inside; can be used when blowing a cold nose runny nose; itchy eyelids, Can be used after the hand-wiping; can also take the sunshade forehead; or used to act as a temporary cushion; can even be used to play a little magic or something.

  Because handkerchiefs have many functions, therefore, be sure to pay attention to cleaning problems when in use. Under normal circumstances, each person is best to prepare two handkerchiefs, a wipe the eyes, wipe or rub the hand, and the other for spitting, nose blow use. Rub the eyes with a handkerchief should be folded handkerchief open, use the innermost layer of rub the eyes, because the outer layer and pocket contact easily contaminated with viruses and bacteria, easily lead to eye diseases. Spitting, blowing nose, handkerchief is best folded into layers, spit, blowing nose also use the inner layer, after use to fold and then put it into the pocket, so as not to be contaminated. If you use a handkerchief to wipe your hands, you should first wash your hands. If you do not wash your hands, wiping your handkerchief with a handkerchief will contaminate your handkerchief. If you are exposed to a variety of bacteria and viruses, you will need to thoroughly wash the handkerchief. Handkerchiefs that serve as temporary cushions also need to be cleaned before they are used.

  Handkerchief to keep clean, change the wash once a day as well, otherwise, handkerchief dirty not only affect the elegant, but also make bacteria, viruses multiply, or even send out unpleasant odor, endangering human health. Handkerchiefs, in addition to silk and chemical fiber products, the first handkerchief should be boiled for 10 minutes, and then wash with soap, and finally water over the net, dried. People suffering from respiratory diseases used handkerchiefs boil disinfection, and then washed in order to achieve the purpose of decontamination and sterilization. Even healthy handkerchiefs have a considerable amount of bacteria, bacteria, because the handkerchief in the pocket, with a temperature suitable for bacterial growth, so bacteria are easy to grow and reproduce.

  Handkerchiefs should become a must-have item and can not borrow from each other to avoid cross-infection of upper respiratory tract infections, trachoma, acute conjunctivitis and other diseases. Some elderly people do not like to use a purse, and handkerchiefs are used to make money. In this way, it is unhygienic, causing the handkerchief to become infected with pathogens and viruses. If you then wipe your mouth and eyes with a baggy handkerchief, people become infected. The possibility is greatly increased, so it is best not to use handkerchiefs, etc. If you really do not like to use a wallet, but used to handkerchief to pay for the money, then this handkerchief should be used exclusively to replace the wallet, do not use it To wipe your mouth and eyes.