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how to use handkerchief better

Oct 15, 2018

This is very familiar to everyone. Simply speaking, it is a miniature version of your daily face towel, mostly small square size, easy to carry. You may ask what to do? Japanese people with more than one handkerchief in the bag, must not look at it, there must be such a towel handkerchief! The difference in national conditions, as an island country with its own resources shortage, garbage classification, water saving, and of course, environmental protection is to do the end! Paper towels, which are indispensable in our lives, are not rare in Japan, but they are still relatively restrained, so when you wash your hands, take out the towel in your bag. Dry and wet hands... It is an environmentally friendly and elegant move. There are many kinds of towel handkerchiefs, and there are loops of cut piles. If you want to wipe the water or wipe your face in summer, it is recommended that the double-sided one is cotton yarn, and it is soft after entering the water. The latest is a towel handkerchief made of untwisted yarn. The soft fluffy fiber is filled with air, which is also the best choice for those who have high requirements for touch.

For example, I like a pocket-sized handkerchief, which can put some small things or eye drops that are afraid of leaking water. Not only does it contain small things well, but even if the liquid leaks out, it will be sucked by the handkerchief. Drop it and avoid soiling the bag. You can also use an ice pack to avoid direct contact of the ice pack with the skin.

Another thing I like very much is that the zipper or the snap button can be used to enclose the handlebar in a cylindrical shape, which is specially used for the handkerchief of the beverage bottle. The big summer frozen drink has a bottle, but when you drink it, you can take a handful of water. It’s really... every time it’s rushing into the bag, let alone put it in the bag... the regret later! Therefore, the handkerchief that can absorb the water vapor of the beverage bottle is simply made! The careful design is very popular, and it also makes the ordinary bottle of the bottle dye its own color ~ it is the practicality of the handkerchief while also showing a kind of attitude towards life.

In fact, there are also large-sized handkerchiefs that can replace silk scarves, about half the size of handkerchiefs for ordinary handkerchiefs (just folded into children's pockets), and handkerchiefs with special cold-proof water-absorbing handkerchiefs (function similar to ice treasure stickers, repeatable use)……

After all, if the role of the handkerchief is only to wipe the nose, it will definitely be eliminated. After all, no one is willing to carry hundreds of millions of bacteria and may also have an unpleasant taste. But the good-looking handkerchief allows me to take it out every day. Look, I also feel no fun. So finding your favorite handkerchief and finding a place to use it may be its best destination! Wipe the sweat in the summer and rub your hands in the winter. When the plastic bag is pulled, pad your hand. When you hit the bag, pack a unique handle. When the air conditioner is big, take it out as a silk scarf... Life is ordinary, convenient and The fun is all for yourself. Have a handkerchief around and be a good young man with a life expectation