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How to choose a children's knit hat

Oct 18, 2018

     Winter is here, and it’s time to pick a children’s knit cap for your baby. For hat factories, the design and manufacture of children's hats is more difficult than the average hat. There are many types of children's knit hats on the market, but there are few good quality products. So what are the issues to be aware of when choosing a good children's knit hat?


    tm(2)To pick a good children's knit hat, we know the following common sense:

    1. 25% of the baby's calories are emitted from the head. Wearing a hat can keep the baby's body temperature constant.

    2. Children's hats should not be too thick, too thick hats can easily make children's heads hot, which can lead to symptoms such as dizziness and dizziness. If the child keeps his head cool and warm, he must be refreshed and the blood circulation is smooth.

    3. The child's head is still in the developmental stage, so the knit cap for the baby should be soft and comfortable, thin and thick, ventilated and breathable. The hat is not as warm as possible, but it is moderately warm.

 In addition, you can choose some hats that are rich in color and full of childlike patterns, so that the baby can fall in love with wearing a hat, and can make the children dress more lively and lovely.