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Hot-selling multi-function riding headscarf bandana

Nov 12, 2018

The riding headscarf bandana is broadly referred to as a headscarf worn during cycling. In a narrow sense, it is a riding pirate headband with professional wicking and sweat-reducing wind resistance. It has a wide range of functions and is a must-have for friends who love cycling. Use to wipe sweat; decoration; mask; scarf; wrist.

Detailed use is as follows´╝Ü

Wiping sweat

When riding a bicycle or rock climbing, you can't get a second hand. The sweat of the beans is rolling around on the face, itching. Three circles and two turns around the wrist. The headscarf now acts as a buffer and a wristband. At this time, the headscarf wrapped around his wrists slammed on his face, and the sweat was sucked. Friendly reminder of the makeup of the crush, so a face, the face will become a cat. There was a girl who went to Xitang by bicycle. On the road, she used a headscarf to make a wristband. It felt good. The road frequently wiped the sweat, and the passersby frequently watched. When I arrived at Xitang, I took a small mirror and looked at it. Wow, the mascara turned into two dark clouds, and the sweat swept out two panda eyes.

Folding hair

The wilderness is always very strong in the suburbs, and the long flowing hair is blown into a ball in the wind, stuffed into the mouth, and the black is bad. Looks like a madman, looks like a scorpion from a distance, and looks like Medusa from a distance. 1. Headband. The headscarf is folded into a double layer, placed on the head, and the hair can be pulled out. The width of the headband can be adjusted. 2. Head rope. Use a headscarf to tie the hair around in a circle, as long as the ponytail will be used.

Folding decoration

Take a group photo in a place with a flat view, especially according to the group photo. Put a piece of headscarf on the bag, oh, ring the shutter. Get the photo, the one that is the most outrageous is always you. Turn over the headscarf and cross your hands. Grasp one end of the headscarf and tie it. Move the knot to one side and a hole appears at the same time. Pulling the hair out of the hole will become. The headscarf is definitely a magic weapon for handsome guys.

Folding scarf

Wrap your neck and keep warm. The most natural function of the headscarf is to keep warm, in addition to the accompanying clothes, according to the style and color of different clothes, choose different scarves to highlight the personal charm.