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handkerchief types

Jan 31, 2018

 Handkerchiefs divided printing handkerchief and yarn-dyed handkerchief two categories. Printed handkerchief with natural cotton woven into gray fabric, after printing, cutting, sewing hot. There are geometric patterns, floral animals, landscapes, figures and more. Yarn-dyed handkerchief is dyed yarn into a blank, after the training, finishing, cutting, seam made of hot. Mostly based on plain weave, combined with satin and jacquard tissue, woven into satin (lattice), jacquard, floats imitation embroidery, lace and other varieties. According to the use of different objects into men's, women's and children's pantyhose, the specifications and colors are different. There will be hand-painted, machine embroidery, embroidery combined with cutting flowers and other handkerchiefs to improve the sense of art and craft.