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handkerchief history in EU

Jan 09, 2018

Ancient Greeks, ancient Romans, Athenians long handkerchiefs. Athenians usually as an ornament, holding a hand out for a walk, to show leisure and happiness. Greeks in the eighteenth century, intoxicated with wonderful music, they can not help but waving waves. A white handkerchief in the roman white blouse, for the sole purpose of wiping sweat, must not be used to blow your nose. One writer wrote in his work that if a woman blows her nose with a handkerchief, the man may even propose a divorce accordingly.

In many European countries, on the other hand, handkerchiefs are not used to rub their hands and are used exclusively to wipe their noses. What is particularly interesting is that when Europeans buy or choose a handkerchief, they do not have to touch and compare them with their hands. Instead, they put their handkerchiefs on their noses and distinguish them according to the sensation of the nose.