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founction of handkerchief

Jan 09, 2018

General handkerchief purpose:

  Wipe the tears, what is more care than using a handkerchief to wipe tears?

Wipe the nose, unclean tissue and dust easily lead to upper respiratory allergies, increase the chance of infection.

  sweat, wipes the towel encountered embarrassment it? In formal occasions, it relates to the image of enterprises and even countries.

Cover your mouth and nose, sneezing yourself or others to avoid the spread of the virus; car exhaust, dust, dust-proof;

Magical life:

Packaging, use less plastic bags, hand-brought with lunch or packing, when exposed at the taste of life.

Blindfolded, tired handkerchief blindfolded glare, can improve the quality of rest anytime, anywhere.

Protection, may at any time, when required, placed on the knee or collar, to protect the suits from pollution.

Identification, Department of handbags or travel bags, easy to identify, but also dry with.

Expressing affection:

Appease, timely delivery of your care, showing the sensual side.

Teens, young men and women each exchange personal close handkerchief, all at nothing.

Intentions, courtesy light weight. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teacher's Day, Birthday Anniversary, hand in a carefully selected handkerchief, so that when the other party thought of you.