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For boys, how to show their own personality with a hat?

Jan 16, 2018

According to their own different conditions to choose


Street tooling style

If you usually like to wear simple and clean at the same time hope that they look young and a little trend it, the street style will be more suitable for you.

Street workwear usually version of the type of self-cultivation, with this style, usually I will choose is a baseball cap


For the summer, baseball caps with shorts plus shorts or narrow-leg pants, will make you look neat


Compared to the curved edge, flat edge will be relatively more trendy


If you think the canvas material over-heated it, you can consider the choice of style behind the mesh design, it will breathe a lot


However, the style of the net will generally appear young, want to take a mature style, then I suggest that the whole cloth is better.


If you are wearing a hot head, remember to occasionally get down to breathe, wear it when not too tight to suppress the head, shallow cover his head bangs like


Urban art style

If you usually like to wear plain, but also like the light version of loose type fabric, such as hemp like, literary style will be more suitable for you.

With this style, I would recommend a fisherman's hat/Bucket hat


Fisherman's cap/Bucket hat looks more neutral, suitable for quiet horse face beauty men's paper. Round face classmates, please do not try


Full body with loose shorts and harem pants will seem casual and comfortable


Usually I recommend the dome of the fisherman's hat, flat on the face of the higher requirements


Do not wear the hat when the pressure is too low, otherwise it will go fishing like fish ponds. Put the hat forward, bangs bangs, with round glasses, will make you look a bit more gentle


Urban yuppie style

If you usually wear more business integrity, but also want to have a bad feeling bad, then yuppie style may be more suitable for you.

With this style I suggest that you can choose a more tide of five cap

Five caps and a bit like a baseball cap, brim flat side, the top is relatively flat


It does not look so baseball cap sports, so it will be more suitable for yuppie style


If you read so many styles and hats do not know what you should wear, I suggest you can go and try. After all, life is constantly climbing up from the pit.

Finally, I want to say is that the biggest advantage of men wearing hats is that, regardless of your looks and body, hats will become part of your personality. So learning to wear a hat, in fact, is how to learn to show yourself