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How to wear a boy baseball cap?

Apr 11, 2018

Baseball caps were developed along with baseball and were very, very popular in the United States.But with development, baseball caps have become more than just a sport, they represent a trend.

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1、According to the situation of your own fashion color selection, the boys are more commonly choose black or white, if you really want to choose bright color, in addition to consider and dress collocation, consider yourself even color of skin, etc., don't let the baseball cap after appear abrupt.

2、According to the body choice good baseball cap, the taller person baseball cap should not be small, otherwise give the head light foot heavy feeling.Shorter people, on the other hand, are shorter and shorter.

3、In order not to let the baseball cap wear too drab, can match some accessories, such as the sunglasses, winter also can match the scarf that is suitable, so the temperament of the whole person can be shown more.

4、Summer and winter choose different money, summer weather is hot, can choose baseball cap top half part design is the kind of network, more breathable;In winter, it is recommended that the entire crown is covered with cotton cloth, which is comfortable, friendly and warm.

5、On different occasions, a baseball cap is usually worn on a relatively serious occasion.If it's a hip-hop scene, a baseball cap can be worn backwards or sideways, and occasionally cool is OK.

6、Choose a baseball cap that suits your face shape, such as a round face with a wide cap, so it doesn't look big.A pointed man with a bowler hat is more appropriate and does not look slimmer.The Chinese character wears all the hats.