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baseball cap Choose method

Apr 11, 2018

baseball cap to have shade, adornment, increase temperature and protection and so on different action effect.So there are a lot of different kinds of choices and fashiontex will give you some advise.

There are three main types of face shape (Chinese character face), round (round face) and pointed (pointed face).A round face with a bowler hat makes a big face and a small hat.A large cap would be appropriate.The pointy face wore a peaked cap, which made it look smaller and thinner on the face.So it's appropriate to wear a bowler hat.The Chinese character wears all the hats.

Fold the figure

Tall people baseball cap should not be too small, or the head light weight of the feeling.The short man is the opposite.Tall women should not wear high baseball caps, or they will feel "taller".A short lady should not wear a baseball cap, which is shorter.