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Bamboo fiber washing cloth matters needing attentions

Jan 31, 2018

The attention to the bamboo fiber washcloth is as follows:

1, should not vigorously rubbing, wrung out, gently wrung it

2, to avoid sharp objects and nails pick the product, with a washing machine to clean the laundry bag placed on the inside

Bamboo fiber towel because of its good water absorption, wet weight increased significantly after their own, there are excellent drapability. So after using the suspension,

It is best to hang on poles, racks and other items with a large force. If you hang it on nails, hooks and other sharp objects, the hanging part of the local fiber in the

Under the action of larger gravity, it is easy to change or break, shortening the service life.

3, to avoid prolonged immersion (more than 12 hours).

4, try to avoid sun exposure and drying, you can naturally dry

5, should not be a long time (more than 3 hours) contact or use hot water over 40 degrees Celsius

6, not chlorine bleach washing, do not need to add softener, with the general (alkaline) of the detergent can